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TeaJoy Box

Your TeaJoy Box will bring you 14 daily devotionals, paired with 14 servings of tea that are custom-picked just for you. You can choose to order this box just once or sign up for our tea subscription so you can get daily devotionals and tea shipped right to your door every month!
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*These health benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA. These teas and herbs are not guaranteed to cure or prevent sickness or diseases

Customer Reviews

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Lauren H
Love my tea!

I took the quiz and got three unique and delicious tea blends, which was a great surprise! I love the combination of prayer + tea and think its such a nice way to increase the relaxation and mindfulness aspect of tea drinking.

Best Tea Ever!!!!

TeaJoy tea is above all other teas. Not only is it sourced well for optimum physical benefits, but it is prayed over for optimum spiritual benefits, too! Your body and spirit are infused with peace and from that place comes an overflow of joy. This world is crazy, and we can't pour from an empty cup. TeaJoy fills that cup in more ways than one! It's a fantastic addition to your daily routine to remind you to slow down, take in the beauty, and reconnect to your spirit and the Spirit. Highly recommend as a gift for yourself and for others!! Enjoy your TeaJoy❤️