4 Easy Tips To Elevate Your Tea Experience

4 Easy Tips To Elevate Your Tea Experience

Do you love tea and are looking for to elevate your tea experience? Here are some quick and easy tips to help you make a great cup of tea no matter what equipment or experience you have. 


Tip #1: Pick Your Tea

A great tea journey starts with great tea. Drinking loose-leaf tea is always going to be better than using tea bags. Tea bags are nice and convenient but 9 times out of 10 a tea bag is going to be lower quality than loose leaf tea. Higher quality tea is going to give you a better cup of tea. At TeaJoy, we take time to make sure all of our tea is high-quality and we do not add any additives or preservatives. All of our teas have been carefully crafted and gone through multiple tastings to ensure that your cup of tea is high-quality as well as tasty!


Tip #2: Water On Top Of The Leaves 

This is one tip that is debated in the tea community. We have found that when making the best cup of tea, you are going to want to heat up your water in a kettle and pour over your tea leaves. To make the best cup of tea, you are not going to want to heat up water in the microwave and add tea leaves to it. Hot water goes on top of tea, not the other way around. You can paly around with adding water first or putting water on top of the leaves. See what works for you! 


Tip #3: Always Read The Directions

Make sure you are reading the directions. On every bag of TeaJoy tea, there are instructions for how hot your water should be, how long to steep the tea, how much tea to use, and how much water to use. These instructions are important. Steep too long, and your tea will be too bitter. Use too hot water, and your tea will be overwhelmed. Too much water to tea ratio and your tea will not have enough flavor. All tea companies, including TeaJoy, put a lot of time and effort into tea tasting to ensure that the cup of tea that you make at home is the best cup possible. This is shown though the instructions on the back of the label. We have taken our time to play with different tea to water ratios, temperatures, and brew times. The directions are our notes to you to help you make a great cup of tea.  High quality tea brewed incorrectly can be just as bad as poor quality tea. 


Tip #4: Don't Be Scared To Try New Things 

Our hope and goal is that loose-leaf tea doesn’t intimidate you but that it would be a great experience. We want tea drinking to be accessible and a great benefit to your quiet time with the Lord. Also, we want you to feel encouraged to drink tea as you like it. If tea is too bitter for you, add some honey or sugar. If you want to try to add a little splash of milk or cream, go for it! The perfect cup of tea is always the way you prefer it!


We hope these tips help you in your loose leaf tea experience. We will be continuing to post tea tips and instructional videos to help elevate your tea time!